Honor Guard Programs

The 6th PA has performed as Honor Guards at the UCC church in Allentown (where the Liberty Bell was hidden when the British occupied Philadelphia) as well as Honor Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier in Bethlehem, PA. 
We Present Arms (an 18th century honorary salute), Mourn Arms, and fire musket volleys to honor the men and women who served their country during the American War for Independence.

Medical Programs

We have spent years researching and authenticating period correct medical tools and practices. Our medical inventory is based on the "Morristown Box" which was used during the Revolutionary War. * Learn the difference between a surgeon and physician,
* Why bleeding a patient was considered appropriate medical practice,
* The origin of the term "sawbones,"
* how the 18th Century philosophy of "The Balance of the Four Humors" guided (and misguided) the treatment of disease.

​These are just a few of the things that can be demonstrated by our knowledgable 18th Century surgeon.
Please contact us for more information​We are Fully Insured.

Programs and Services offered by the 6th PA

We can be hired for Soldier Encampments, School Presentations, Honor Guard Ceremonies, Lectures and Demonstrations for groups of all size

The 6th Pennsylvania Regiment

The 6th Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of programs, including:

  • ​Large Group Assemblies - Combining multiple classrooms for an auditorium type program (most are the entire school day).
  • Small Classroom Size Show and Tell - Topics ranging from "Life of a Soldier and Why they Fought" to "Campfollowers and Who They Were." 
  • Continental Army Encampment display, on-field or indoors
  • 18th Century Medical Display and Lecture
  • Overnight or Weekend Encampments with Students
  • Musket Firing Demonstrations
  • Interactive Group Discussions
  • Honor Guard Presentations
  • ... and much more

With over 45 years of experience in "Living History," the 6th Pennsylvania is a well-known group in reenacting community. With this, and our love for history, we are able to bring to you an informative -- as well as entertaining -- program that can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.

School Programs

Why go on a field trip outside the school when the field trip can come to you?

The 6th PA has presented many fascinating Revolutionary War presentations to 5th grade classrooms.​ Topics presented can include:​

  • ​The training of a Continental Army solder; clothing & equipment, marching and drilling demonstration.
  • The role of 18th Century women: their clothes, cooking and crafts.
  • The job of the blacksmith in the Continental Army
  • 18th Century Medical Display and Lecture
  • Participatory Children's Musket Drill (with wooden muskets) to teach the students the fundamentals of marching and drilling in the Continental Army.
  • The story of the Marbleheaders who ferried Washington and his troops across the Delaware for their surprise attack on the Hessians in Trenton.